Lounge Area

Lounge Area

A lounge area is a common place where you can sit, wait and relax in the following places like office, hotel, airport or club. In Cybex Business Centre, the lounge area where people can go and relax, hear music, reading newspapers, speaking to a call with others and drink a cup of tea or coffee. Such a room is sometimes called a “front room” when it is near to the main entrance of the building.

Benefits of Lounge Area


Our residential-style seating has enhanced a popular shift in office aesthetics. Adding a spacious lounge or soft chair helps a relaxed atmosphere. Our lounges feature a wool fabric upholstery and high-density foam padding offering a true palette of posture in the office.


Facilitating productivity needs surfaces to work on. Our collection features have a height-adjustable and round meeting table which provides space for people to set down their devices or papers, while also enabling users to customize the area to suit their necessities. Our tables are also a great solution for setting down coffee and taking notes.


Many organizations have different needs that require the space to be simply rearranged to suit. Providing lightweight and mobile seating options like our support staff allows one to curate a space that will improve its scope.