Cybex Business Centre provides different office space services according to our client’s requirements. We have tried to make everything as simple as possible with you could need from a serviced office, virtual office or co-working office all rolled into one monthly price. However, below are some of our more frequently asked questions from many clients if you would like to know anything else to contact our friendly receptionist service team.

What is Business Centre? How it is different from a traditional office?

Business Centre is conveniently located at a prestigious business location. In Cybex Business Centre you get a complete, professional office environment included in one monthly fee. You’ll also get professional receptionists, state-of-the-art telephone, IT services, pantry, and visitor’s lounge. With Cybex Business Centre, your office space solutions are a single phone call or mouse click away. Simply select your office to start working immediately and leave the rest to us. In traditional offices, you have to go through a lot of headaches. Before you can be productive, you must pay brokerage for office space sign a fixed-length office lease provide office furniture and fixtures contract with multiple service providers (phone, Internet, maintenance) also spend time, money and resources for hiring an office support staff and buy office equipment.

What types of terms & conditions come with business centre?

We have flexible Rent / Lease prospects. You can get an office for one day, one year or even more period. For long term office space demands, we have a quite simple lease contract for executive office space. With our professional executive office staff, you have on-demand access to administrative support and office equipment without hiring permanent staff or making a capital investment.

How do I benefit from your Business Centre?

No headache of various utility bills like Electricity Bill, Reception Support, Office Boy Support, Housekeeping, Cleaning, Office Maintenance, Plumber, AMC Taxes, Telephone, Internet Broadband Connection, Photocopying, Printing, Scanning, High-configuration Computer, Furniture, Air-conditioning, Meeting / Conference Room, Visitor lounge, Tea / Coffee, Mineral Water, etc. Also, there is heavy energy cost in managing office operations which cannot be measured in terms of money. Don’t worry, Cybex manages your business needs taking your burden of day-to-day office management and leaving you free to focus on your core business. The complete office package is offered at the cost of office space rental and there is no additional charges for our services.

What if my office space requirements change in future?

No problem. We can accommodate your changing office space requirements with ease. You are locked into a lease agreement when you rent a traditional office, but at a Cybex Business Centre you can expand or shrink the size of your office space as your needs change. You only pay for the office space with your needs.

Do I need to supply my office equipment?

No. Cybex Business Centre come equipped with everything you need. We have contemporary office furniture, high-speed Internet connectivity, fully staffed reception areas, visitor lounge and state-of-the-art meeting / conference room and pantry. All you can expecting the high-quality office services. When you rent / lease a traditional office, you must outfit the entire office to your specifications at your responsibility, which can become weeks or even months. With Cybex Business Centre, you can start your business immediately from the day you’re step-in with our service.

Do you have staffing available at Cybex Business Centre?

Here, a full-time office staff is always on hand to handle your day-to-day administrative duties. Unlike traditional office there is a need to hire an administrative staff to service your office. Cybex Business Centre is equipped with high-speed Internet and advanced telecom infrastructure.

When can I get started in my new office?

Cybex Business Centre can be configured to your specifications and ready to occupy instantly. You can sign with our office agreement on one day and start working immediately on the same day itself

How will my business get visibility in Cybex Business Centre?

When you want a visible presence the Cybex Business Centre delivers all. Cybex Business Centre is established at a prime location in the heart of the city. We’re gratified to offer internal branding within our Business Centre, allowing you to display your company logo with your office name. Simply provide us with your logo and we’ll do the rest. So, in addition to all the benefits of working in a Cybex Business Centre, your office will present a seamless yet individual image and also contact our team for more details.

Why book the Cybex Business Centre meeting room or conference hall?

The Cybex Business Centre meeting room is conveniently located in a prime office building near major corporate houses. Your meeting room or conference hall delivers a professional ambiance equipped with high-speed Internet service, LCD Screen, Projector, Laptop, etc. Our professional meeting room staff has the skills to accommodate your needs for business presentations. Photocopiers, printing, facsimile and binding services are also available for our meeting room or conference hall using clients. In concise, we have provided all the services to make your meeting a success.

Can I be reached you during your meeting time?

Cybex Business Centre meeting room allows you to focus. If you expect to be contacted please instruct your meeting room receptionist how you would like your calls to be handled. Our receptionists will handle your messages or forward calls to your meeting room or conference hall according to your instructions. This means that you can receive calls in your meeting room or conference hall have them held until a time that is convenient for you.

Is your meeting room or conference hall pricing is competitive?

Yes. Cybex Business Centre meeting room or conference hall features standard pricing with optional amenities are available. With pricing by the day or half-day, our meeting room or conference hall pricing is both flexible and affordable.

Is there any benefit in being a frequent usage for the meeting room or conference hall clients?

Yes. Everyone can benefit from the Cybex Business Centre meeting room and conference hall. If you are a frequent customer you will surely get huge discounts on our package.

What is Virtual Office?

virtual office service facilitates workers and business owners to work remotely by providing many business functions accessible through the internet. It also permits organizations to build and maintain a presence in a desirable location without the need to pay rent for an actual space only pay according to the selected services and plans.

What is Coworking Space?

Coworking space is a setup in which several workers from different firms share an office space to allow cost savings and convenience through the use of common infrastructures such as equipment, utilities, receptionist service, mail handling and several other services.

What is Plug and Play Office?

Plug and play office is an instant setup to start your office space immediately it reduces overall office expenditures and capital cost. It includes the common facilities such as equipment, utilities, receptionist service, mail handling and several other services.